Interim VP of Sales

Intersection of Theory and Tactics

Do you have 6 months to bridge a $200K MRR gap before you go back to the street to raise? Are you attempting to reach profitability in the next year to avoid raising a C round and potentially losing control of the board?

There are many situations where going out paying an executive recruiter to find a great VP of Sales does not fit your company’s the stage of life.

We only select a few companies per year which allows us to apply the methodologies, build them into processes and then actually work side-by-side to manage the process until results are achieved.

Taking Discovery Calls, Managing Demos, Structuring Negotiations, our consultants are on the ground in the trenches doing the hard work to close the deals, not sitting on the sidelines with a playbook.


Mapping value propositions to the roi - Increasing your prices

The largest increases in average average deal size come from how you communicate the link between the value of your product maps to a clear, simple, and quantifiable ROI or Break-Even Period (Payback Period).


Closing Deals and coaching others

There are a lot of VPs of Sales today that “manage only”. We are not them.

As an early stage company, you need doers that can coach and manage other sales team members while closing key deals for the company.

Your team will learn our tested close strategies by watching, interacting, and experiencing side-by-side with our Interim VP of Sales.


Building a Scalable process

Founders need the peace of mind to know that at a moments notice they raise $5M-$10-$50M and that their processes will scale in alignment to their sales teams.

Whether the goal is to raise a new round, reach cash flow break-even or exit the company, an Interim VP of Sales will ensure that the processes are aligned to the growth of the company to provide the founders with accurate forecasts.