Negotiation Consulting

The days of going to dinner and signing deals with clients is over.

Today closing deals are data driven decision making based in ROIs that are simple, transparent and validated by Finance.

Our company’s focus is on factual, logical, and non-emotional negotiation training to give your company the greatest opportunity to not only win the deal but to ensure that renewal. Locking in the ARR for multiple years to boost valuation of the company.

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smB and Mid-Market Negotiations - Net New

Smaller, more transactional deals have their own nuances that definitely can make them more simple to close but not necessarily easier in enabling the company to reach its MRR goals.

B2B versus B2C and you’ve added an additional layer of complexity.

There is an important balance between pricing, feature functionality and solution selling here that must be found in order to enable your sales qualify quickly and drive to close.

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enterprise negotiations - Net New

The value of large enterprise deals is only offset by the long list of risk present (see below) that can prohibit your company from maximizing its average deal size.

  • Multiple steak holders

  • Cross-divisional rivalries

  • Public regulations

  • Annual re-orgs

  • Budget cuts

Add a finance division (procurement) who is inversely compensated as your sales force and you’ve got a quite complex formula to achieving the ever elusive SaaS goal of a 7 figure deal.


Key Account negotiations -Renewal

How are you constantly showing the value of your service in simple format back o the decision makers of the organization to ensure renewal?

Net-Negative Churn is one of the most important metrics in SaaS valuations today.

It is not enough to get 30 days in front of renewal anymore.

Renewal strategies need to be built with the Executive Team, Customer Success Managers, Industry Consultants, VP of Sales and Others.