Go-To-Market North America


north america as a total addressable market

Should we launch our SaaS offering in North America?

With a combined market capitalization of ~30 Trillion US Dollars, the USA alone marks a significant enough addressable market to just investment.

Given the very strong influence of capitalism on the companies in North America, sales cycles can be much shorter and less bureaucratic than most countries. The technology that can quickly and simply prove the strongest credible ROI, wins.


launching go-to-market sales strategy

Yes, we should. How are we going to generate MRR?

There are many strategies to test expansion of your software in North America without hiring a team of 10 people. A proper analysis of divisions that should be outsourced versus kept in-house are necessary in order to test your hypothesis in a cost effective manner.

We have seen many early stage technology companies generate significant ARR without hiring a single full time employee in North America.


expanding that strategy

Great, people are buying our software. How do we build teams to support selling more deals quicker and at higher prices?

Now that we have started generating sales, how do we ensure those customers are going to be happy, take strong reference calls, and ultimately renew?

Hiring Sales Engineers, Customer Success Managers, Sales Development Representatives, Vice Presidents, and other positions will need to be optimized in order to maximize your cashflow without significantly increasing your burn rate.