The Amrani Group

Scaling early stage sales teams in North America.

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Companies our Consultants have sold into:


There is a long list of consultants that will come in to your office, write on a whiteboard the theories and methodologies of what to do.

We are not them.

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Our Part-Time and Full-Time Services


Interim VP of Sales

Do you have 6 months to bridge a $200K MRR gap before you go back to the street to raise? Are you attempting to reach profitability in the next year to avoid raising a C round and potentially losing control of the board?

There are many situations where going out paying an executive recruiter to find a great VP of Sales does not fit your company’s the stage of life.

We only select a few companies per year which allows us to apply the methodologies, build them into processes and then actually work side-by-side to manage the process until results are achieved.

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Negotiation Consulting

The days of going to dinner and signing deals with clients is over.

Today closing deals are data driven decisions made based on ROIs that are simple, transparent and validated by Finance.

Our company’s focus is to give your company the greatest opportunity to not only win the deal but to ensure that that deal re-news. Locking in the ARR for multiple years to boost the valuation of your company.

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Go-To-Market North America

The probability of failure increases as more unique variables are added to difficult equation of hiring sales in North America:

  • Cross Cultural Difficulties

  • Time Zone

  • Religion

  • Working Culture

  • Appreciation Styles

  • Many more…

Our team has launched multiple foreign technology companies in North America and has built a list of tested operating procedures and launch strategies that will ensure that your launch is cost effective and efficient.

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