To originate a sale is to give to it a genesis, to stand as the parent, the creative force from which the final transaction traces its birth.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on the world by helping them maximize the value of their technology.

Our Vision

We believe the technology industry is in need of a significant paradigm shift.

Historically, early stage technologies companies do not hire strong VPs, whether it be sales, operations, marketing, etc, until later in their A round or B round depending on the company.

In the SaaS sales world this results in many many many circumstances where a founder raises $5-$15-$50M dollars and pours that on sales division that was not prepared to scale. The process breaks, people are fired, significant money is lost. Pivot. Try Again.

What if founders had access and availability to experienced consultants (VP of Sales, Enterprise AEs, etc.) who have already scaled organizations, taken proven methodologies and implemented them into replicable processes.

Early Stage tech companies, most of the time, do not need a full time VP of Sales/Marketing/Operations etc.

Early Stage tech companies need affordable access to the insights, methodologies, strategies and structures of a part-time VP of Sales/Marketing/Operations etc while they are building the business. Not after they raise.

Letter from the CEO.

Early stage companies don’t have a lot of money and they certainly don’t have a lot time.

Co-founders and early stage teams are often running around wearing 10 hats, no sleep, and trying to balance the time suck of raising a new round to trying to close enough deals to hit the valuation exceptions going into the next round of funding.

In the market today there is a long list of consultants that will gladly come in to your office, write on a whiteboard and explain the theories and methodologies of what to do. We are not them.

We only select a few companies per year which allows us to apply the methodologies, build them into processes and then actually work side-by-side to take action and manage the process until results are achieved.

We look forwarding to helping you build a foundation to scale your business.

Joshua Amrani


Taking Discovery Calls, Managing Demos, Structuring Negotiations, our consultants are on the ground in the trenches doing the hard work to close the deals, not sitting on the sidelines with a playbook.